Your employer will set certain limits on all Wagestream activity to protect employees from accessing too much too soon, leaving you with limited funds on payday. 

You can also set personal limits within these company limits to further promote financial wellbeing. To do so,

  1. Log in to the Wagestream app.
  2. Tap Profile >  Controls.
  3. Under Stream controls, update each field as desired.
    • Percent of earnings - the percentage of your available earnings you can access. 
    • Max number of transfers - the maximum number of transfers you can make during a pay period. 
    • Total transfer limit - the maximum total value of all transfers within a pay period. 
    • Transfer time lock - set a date, start, and end time where all transfers will be temporarily disabled. You can set multiple times by tapping the + symbol.
    • Lock settings - prevent all settings from being changed for a pre-determined window of time.
    • Single transfer limit - the maximum amount for a single transfer.
  4. Once complete, tap Save Settings.