The user profile page shows details of your account and your employment. Once you've accessed your profile page, you can choose from the top menu options to customise your settings, controls, and messaging experience in the app. To customise your settings,

  1. Log in to the Wagestream app.
  2. Tap Profile >  Settings.
  3. Update each field as desired.
    • Change Avatar - Set an avatar by using your phone's camera to take a photo or choose an existing image from your library.
    • Change password - set and change your password to maintain account security.
    • Require Face ID - add an extra layer of security by requiring your phone's facial recognition technology (if available) to access your account.
    • Stay logged in - choose to have your account accessible at all times by staying logged in.
    • Tutorials - If you want to view the tutorials again, you can restart them here.
    • Support Center - Visit our help centre, available 24/7, or contact our friendly support team.
    • Bank Accounts - Connect your personal bank account with your Wagestream account in order to know exactly where your finances are in one location. 
    • Open at Track Screen - Tap this option if you wish for the app to open on your track page rather than the stream page moving forward.

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