If you haven't earned it, you can't access it

Earned wages from worked shifts within your current pay period will be approved and submitted by your employer and sync with Wagestream as you work them.  — submission times can vary at the discretion of your employer.

Each pay period, earnings start to accumulate

Your balance will accumulate throughout each pay period and reset once that pay period has ended. — holiday, maternity leave, and sick pay will never be included in this amount.

Only a percentage of these earned wages are eligible to access 

Your employer will determine this percentage: typically between 30% and 50%.

Maximum limits will also be set

Each pay period your employer will set a maximum limit on the amount in pounds of what you are able to access and the number of streaming transactions you are able to make.  

If you are unsure of any of these limits, the company submission schedule, or your pay cycle schedule, please contact your HR team for clarification.