Common issues that might prevent you from accessing the Wagestream app are as follows: 

You've been locked out of the Wagestream app

If you have attempted to login to the Wagestream app and have been locked out, please see I've Been Locked out of the Wagestream App.

Your Wagestream account has been disabled or paused

If you believe your account has been disabled or paused in error, you will need to reach out to your HR team to inquire as to why. Please see Why Has My Wagestream Account Been Paused or Disabled?

You are experiencing trouble downloading the Wagestream app

If you are having difficulty downloading the app, please see Why Can't I Download the Wagestream App?

Your enrolment is still pending

If you have just completed the enrollment process yet still have not received an email notifying you of your successful enrolment completion, please see Why Is My Enrolment Still Pending?

You have multiple Wagestream accounts

If you work for more than one company that uses Wagestream and you are having trouble accessing one, please see I Have Multiple Wagestream Accounts.