We're sorry to hear you are looking to delete your Wagestream account. If this is something you wish to pursue you will simply need to instruct your employer to do this on your behalf. However, we are required to explain the opt-out process and you may want to consider an alternative solution laid out below:

You may want to 'Pause' your account instead

If you choose to leave Wagestream your account will automatically be disabled and you will no longer have the ability to transfer your earned wages. You will receive your last statement from Wagestream on your next paycheque where you will be paid the remaining total of any wages not already accessed, minus any convenience fees. 

If you want to re-join Wagestream at a later date, the process will take a minimum of 7 business days but could be longer

An alternative solution is to 'Pause' your account. This means you will not be able to make transfers however if faced with an emergency in the future, you can request your employer to 'unpause' you which will take effect during the next sync.

Please speak to your employer and confirm to them if you would like to 'Delete' or 'Pause' your account. They will action this for you.