1. Tap Insights.
  2. At the top of your screen, tap Reminders.
  3. Tap Set up reminders.
  4. Tap Manual or Automatic to set the desired reminder type. 

Manual Reminders

  1. Enter the following details to create a manual, custom reminder:
    • Name (E.g. rent, mobile phone)
    • Amount in pounds (if known)
    • Due date (estimate or exact)
  2. Once complete, tap Set alert.

Automatic Reminders

  1. Tap Connect to connect to your bank.
  2. Tap Connect again to confirm.
  3. A browser window will open asking you to allow Wagestream permission to read your banking details and to select your bank.  
    • Wagestream will analyse and identify recurring transactions from your account — this may take a few minutes.
    • Once the connection is complete, you will be returned to the Wagestream application.
  4. Ensure each desired alert you wish to create is selected.
  5. Once complete, tap Set Alerts.

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