If you don’t think you earn enough to save, this is the feature for you! Available to hourly employees, this is a micro-saving project which allows employees to first decide how much they want to save. Then, every time the money from a shift becomes available, Wagestream will round down your earnings to the nearest pound and move the extra pennies into your Safestream pot.

How to Set Up

  1. To the right of Save the pennies, tap the Green Arrow
  2. (Optional) Enter a custom ‘Goal Name’ for what you are saving. 
  3. (Optional) Change the icon to help remind you of your saving goal. 
  4. Slide the button to select the ‘Goal Amount’ of how much you wish to save. 
    • If you are satisfied with this amount, tap Open Account
    • If you are not satisfied, tap X to change your savings feature.
  5. Tap Accept to accept the “Safestream Terms of Service”. 
  6. Tap Close to confirm.